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Canoeing on Kashubia Worth knowing!!!

Family canoeing trips

Canoeing is a form of activity literally for everyone, it can be practiced by both children in pre-school and retirees. You don’t need any special courses or years of training. This type of recreation is available for all ages.

The fact that canoeing can be practiced since childhood does not mean that canoe tourism has no requirements. For everything to go smoothly, a minimum degree of physical fitness and a good deal of common sense are required. Even if we are sitting safely in a kayak, do not forget that water is a dangerous element, especially when combined with faster currents and water currents. Therefore, children should always swim under the care of an adult, have the life vest properly fastened, in the right size.

Choosing a route adapted to your skills is not without significance. Not every route is suitable for an amateur who is just starting his adventure with oars and kayak. Fathers should especially remember this, because kayaking with friends is different, and children and spouse are different.

For a family kayaking trip, we should choose as calm waters as possible, at least for the first time, when we don’t know our skills to the end. The planned route should not be too long and covering it will not cause too many difficulties. Even on the simplest stretch, you will need to coordinate your paddling activities to be able to efficiently overcome winding trails and obstacles. Children, especially small ones, get bored quickly while kayaking, so you should think carefully about choosing a route and think about some additional attractions in advance that will help your little ones when they start to linger. It can be some kind of word game or ordinary fun, who first spotted a squirrel on the tree. For family kayaking trips the route on the section Borsk – Wojtal, Borsk – Miedzno and the slightly longer Lipusz – Wdzydze Kiszewskie are perfect. With the increase of experience and skills of kayak control, we can of course choose more and more demanding routes.

The current pace of life, pursuit of work and money means that we have less time for the family. A joint trip to kayaks, cooperation at work with oars, joint preparation of meals in the bosom of nature, pitching a tent, evening bonfire, sleeping in the open air, all these elements making up the adventure with a kayak help strengthen family ties, catch better contact with a rebellious teenager. In addition, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city, car jams, urban civilization will make us after a weekend in Kashubia much more rested than we would stay in the city.

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