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Canoeing on Kashubia Most popular routes

Canoeing – Borsk – Czarna woda

Difficulty level: Medium
Distance: 25km
Time: 7h

By choosing a canoeing trip along this route we have two alternative routes to choose from. The first option is the route at the picturesquely located Lake Wdzydze, which is an excellent water reservoir for sailors, divers or anglers. Everyone will find something for themselves. When choosing this route, we must be aware that after about half an hour of rafting along the route, a surprise awaits us (portable). Portable, on the trail, forces us to leave the canoes and move them along the banks of about 25 meters.

The second option starts at the fork of the Wda channel and the Wda river. There are no major obstacles along this route, so you don’t have to carry your canoes along the shore. The forest gorge and high escarpments that we encounter on the route on hot days protect against the sun or wind when the weather is less favorable. It is a more demanding route, because just after the bridge, we will encounter numerous bends that require canoeists to focus and concentrate so as not to fall off the route. Once we overcome the winding section of the road, another obstacle we encounter is a bridge that is close enough to the water surface that we have to bend or hide in a kayak to overcome it. In turn, passing the railway bridge, we will face the faster current, but despite the branches and various obstacles on the road, the route is both safe and varied.

Borsk – Czarna woda

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