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Canoeing on Kashubia Most popular routes

Canoeing – Borsk – Wojtal

Difficulty level: Easy
Distance: 14km
Time: 4,5hours

This is one of the most popular one-day canoeists’ routes in Kashubia. The beginning of the episode begins behind the transport in Borsk, the current accelerates here and the bottom is very rocky. The episode is full of fallen trees, which only adds variety and charm to the route. In this episode we will have the opportunity to watch the “Stone Circles” Reserve in Odry, which has been in existence for over 6 decades, where the Goth tribe of the third century AD is located. This is the episode that beginners will appreciate for peace and quiet, full of untouched nature of Kashubia and the beautiful forest landscapes of the Tuchola Forest. We end the rafting in Wojtal at the mill dam.

Borsk – Wojtal

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