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Canoeing on Kashubia Most popular routes

Canoeing – Lipusz – Borsk

Difficulty level: Medium
Distance: 30km
Time: 10h

The starting point of the rafting is located in the village of Lipusz, considered to be the beginning of the canoe trail on the Wda River. Most of the route passes through areas belonging to the Wdzydze Landscape Park, the first half of the route includes picturesque meadows and fields and a small lake Schodno, about 2 km long, surrounded by a picturesque forest. In the vicinity of the mouth of the Trzebiocha river, the current accelerates significantly leading to the next Lake Radolne, which stretches for about 3km. The other half of the trail leads through Lake Wdzydzkie, resembling a cross. This lake called the “Kashubian Sea” is about 10 km long and contains numerous larger and smaller islets. After crossing the lake, we reach the town of Borsk where our base is.

Lipusz – Borsk

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