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Canoeing on Kashubia Worth knowing!!!

First aid kit for kayaking

Regardless of whether we are going for a few hours or are going to spend the next few days on kayaks, we take the necessary equipment with us to the kayak. It is worth thinking about what we will need and what will be simply unnecessary ballast. Let’s not forget that space in the kayak is limited.

Despite the limited space in the kayak, there is no shortage of space for the first aid kit, it takes up little space, and you never know when it might come in handy. All you need is a simple cut that can ruin the rest of the trip if we don’t have the power to treat the wound. Unfortunately, we usually realize that we should have a first aid kit when we need it, but then it is too late. When taking the first aid kit, we should check whether it is complete and whether the medicines it contains have not expired.

Such a first aid kit should not lack:

  • dressing materials (bandage, gases, plasters)
  • disinfectants (e.g. hydrogen peroxide)
  • analgesics and antipyretics (pyralgin, polopyrine, apap)
  • sunburn relief measures
  • antiallergic agents
  • one time gloves
  • small scissors
  • anti-diarrheal agents (e.g. coal)
  • triangular shawl
  • foil of life

If we are swimming in a larger group, we should determine in which kayak the first aid kit is. Luggage can often be transferred from one kayak to another in order to optimally arrange all the things that we need to take for rafting. Then, when you need to use the first aid kit, you don’t have to look for it nervously, just wait for the last kayak in which the first aid kit flows. It’s best to entrust the first aid kit to a designated person.

Remember that a dumper may be inevitable, which is why the first aid kit should be waterproof and unsinkable. You can get a special tourist first aid kit in stores, which is perfect for such a trip.

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